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Hello lovelies hope you are all doing well, i am so excited about this post so lets get right into it.

Adore Beauty is an Australian online beauty store; they draw a winner beginning of every month on Instagram to win $100 voucher with the best shot of your Adore Beauty purchase.

I am the lucky winner of November Adore Beauty Haul, I was over the moon as I don’t usually win anything I honestly doubted myself.  The minute I got the voucher the same day they were having a promotion 15% VIP shopping event, it was perfect timing.
I was eyeing on the RCMA VKII palette for so long, it was the perfect opportunity for me to try, I also ended up getting my favourite Bioderma sensibio h20 solution micellaire cleanser and Lanolips 101 ointment; on top of that I received 15% Caa Ching i am all for bargains, like who isn’t!!

Want to enter? The rules are so easy to follow with just two steps: Firstly you must be Following @AdoreBeautyofficial, Then show off your latest Adore Beauty purchase with the hashtag #adorebeautyhaul, Done and Goodluck (don’t forget to be creative). 

Now lets get into the Products i have chosen From Adore Beauty

Photo Courtesy of AdoreBeauty

RCMA Makeup 18p VK11 palette Majority Professional Makeup Artists rave about this product, i had to see whats worth the hype so i used my voucher and got one, it contains 18 complimentary shades of cream foundation to be able to mix and match your clients face shade and complements their complexion.

I tried it myself and i honestly love it, its so creamy and pigmented more than the normal foundation has, what i also realized that it needs to be warmed up before you apply on your face to glide smoothly. I tend to use it most for contouring because it blends flawlessly by meaning that melts into the skin. 

I prefer using liquid foundation for everyday use, and when it comes to special occasions, editorial, commercials...etc ill tend to use the rcma foundation cream palette. 

Photo Courtesy of Lanolips

The Original Lanolips 101 Ointment I discovered this brand while attending my makeup course and i remember they mentioned about this used on clients and a staple in their kit.

At first i was using pawpaw which is familiar to everyone but it was kinda thick for me, its not the product i aimed for so after research i discovered Lanolips was a Multi-Award winning. The ointment contains 100% Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin which allows it to melt between your fingers. 

Additionally, it is a multi-purpose product that you could benefit from extremely chapped lips, dry cuticles, dry, itchy skin, dry nasal passages and great for sensitive skin which is perfect for my clients. I tried it myself and its amazing how smooth and hydrating on lips i recommend this in everyone’s makeup kit.

Photo Courtesy of Pharmaden

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution Micellaire Cleanser (previously Crealine) Can I say this is my holy grail, it is so gentle when removing my makeup, it will not irritate the face nor strip, I feel cleaner and fresh while keeping my skins natural balance. I also tested so many brands yet this is a winner to me, eliminates every single dirt that exists on my face favorite of all time!!

Besides that you may know i am a lazy person when it comes to the process of cleaning the face and best part yet to come you don't need to even rinse your face. they combined three products in one, a make-up remover for face and eyes, a soothing toner and a non-rinse cleanser. Like its destined for lazy people like me and what more do you need instead of purchasing each one of them and going through the whole process you’re getting three products out of it. Guilty i am a multi purpose kinda gal. 

Application: Soak the Product with a cotton pad, then simply cleanse your face and eyes wiping gently. When I am wearing waterproof eye makeup I usually soak the cotton pad for each eye and hold it for few seconds then rub it off for better results, your face is now fresh and clean.

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