Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Hello Lovelies,

My recent purchase from the BeautyBlender® Invented by top Hollywood makeup artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, and I am glad they did because it changed my life when I first tried it; this is a staple in my makeup kit and I constantly have backups when needed. What I love even more about this it’s suitable for all skin types, Latex free, non-allergenic and odour free, It’s Suede texture makes your foundation apply evenly and flawlessly, just perfection.

As much I love this brand they came up with a 4 piece collection set titled Makeup’s best friend and recently they have released new special holiday collection sets titled Pretty Posse and Prep Pretty Clean. It was hard to decide on which to get between Makeup’s best friend and Pretty Posse because they are both appealing to me, but I finally decided and picked up Makeup's best friend as you get more beauty blenders out of it for its Price.

BeautyBlender® also came up with a brand new mini Rea.Activate spray bottle which will be discussed below, Thus let’s get right into it and review what i picked. As you see the image below has 4 pieces included in the Makeup’s best friend set.
BeautyBlender® Original (Pink Sponge) is the most famous beautyblender sponge that gives your foundation a flawless sheer to full coverage application, buildable to your desired look. Besides it works with powders, bb creams, cc creams, cream blush and many more.

BeautyBlender® Pro (Black Sponge) Makeup artists favorites for long wear makeup, gives a flawless evenly full coverage application. It also works with facial bronzers and facial self-tanners. When I need extra coverage I tend to use this instead of the original one.

BeautyBlender® Micro Mini (Green Sponge) a micro sized blending sponge ideal for applying and blending makeup on smaller and hard to reach areas of the face. It’s also great for nose contouring, highlighting and concealing particularly in the inner corner of the eye.

BeautyBlender® came up with a brand new mini rea.activate spray bottle which rehydrates and replenishes the complexion, offering instant moisture over the makeup on the go.

I love using all sponges damp because it absorbs the leftover excess of your foundation as your makeup is likely to be less cakey and more natural looking. Some prefer dry, what ever works best for you x

Last of all here is the new Special Holiday Set to Consider looking at that i really love Pretty Posse

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