Sunday, 27 November 2016

Skincare for combination sensitive skin "Skinstitut"

When it comes to skincare products i am very picky on what goes onto my skin as i usually either get irritated or burning sensation resulting tomato face. I have combination skin but sensitive when it comes to skincare if that makes sense. Its quite confusing but through experience you will get to know your skin type. 

So today's topic is about skinstitut an Australian made and owned skincare range and treatments using top quality ingredients for all skin concerns  to give an effective result.

Three of their skincare ranges were sent to me to trial, and after few days using them i had to blog on how amazing they are, i will go through each of them why i think its worth trying!

Gentle Cleanser

non-glycolic deep cleansing gel containing green tea, goji berry, aloe vera, vitamin E to remove surface impurities and all traces of makeup leaving skin clean, soft, refresh and hydrated without irritating and stripping the skin of its natural oils.This is suitable for all skin types specially delicate and sensitive skin like mine!

Direction: Applied a pea size onto wet hands not more trust me, lathered all over my face in circular motion for 30 sec then rinsed off. I also got a cotton wool and wiped my eyes and lips to remove makeup.

Results: I am obsessed with this cleanser its like lathering the same texture of aloe vera gel on my skin, and changes into frothy foam. It is so replenishing and calming, did not irritate me at all and my skin feels squeaky clean. I also noticed a big difference my pores has tightened and became less visible!!

Retail Price: $45 (TO GET HERE)

Enzymatic Micro Peel

An ultra-gentle micro exfoliating mask containing papaya extract, chamomile passionfruit & grape seed oil, niacinamide (vitamin B3) to brighten complexion, soothe, hydrate and renew all skin types particularly those who have super dry skin and sensitive. Its also perfect to be used after Clinical treatments such as IPL, laser, chemical peels, skin needling and microdermabrasion to remove any dry, rough or peeling skin.

Direction of Use: I applied a thin layer all over my face and neck, left it for 6 mins (but you can leave it for 15 min or more as a leave-on treatment for ultra dry or eczema type skins), then softly massage the skin in circular motion, once done rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Result: I love how gentle it was on my skin without irritating it, my skin had a fresh clean feel, and so hydrating. it also has a passionfruit scent.

Retail Price: $45 (TO GET HERE)

Moisture Defence for Normal Skin (combination skin condition)

Light weight, non-pore clogging moisturizer containing rich antioxidant Kakadu plum extract, peptides for an intense hydration, smooth and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It also has emollient which is the main ingredient i look for in moisturizers, as it traps all the benefits for a hydrating radiant looking skin. which is also great to be used before foundation because of the emollient in it.

Apply one pump or as needed to face and neck spreading it evenly, make sure to spread upwards from neck to face to prevent future wrinkles. avoid eye area; this can be use as often as needed.

Results: I love how smooth and lightweight it feels, i apply it after the skinstitut gentle cleanser for an extra boost of hydration, and has a fruity smell!! 

Retail Price: $45 (TO GET HERE)

I seriously recommend checking their skin ranges out and i am so glad i was introduced to this brand. The results are real; my skin is balanced, hydrated and smooth within days, super impressed. Plus they smell Amazinggg!!

(skinstitut is also available at selected professional clinics nationwide check here)

Disclaimer*: Product was kindly sent to me. However,  everything shared on this blog are my own thoughts and my honest opinion.


Friday, 18 November 2016


Are you familiar with Gilded Cage? Not only it has a luxurious feel but the quality is also something they focused on. Gilded Cage provides three collection of products formulated to highlight and reveal your natural beauty with Revelation eyeshadows, unleashed lipstick and Charisma lipgloss. I have noticed the textures and ingredients of each of them are formulated to give a healthy afterglow finish.

What’s even better it’s not tested on Animals and EU Good Manufacturing Practices. Now let's jump right into the review and swatches, Shall we!


Lets first talk about how unique and beautiful the packaging is, light and secure, and has a sponge applicator. The formula has a creamy moussy texture when applied then sets to a powder, i just love how smoothly it glides. Also the color range are so beautiful and vibrant which can be buildable to your desire. (GET HERE)


Oh My, These babies glide so smoothly and nourishing on lips, pigmented yet moisturizing. It has a gloss satin finish and doesn't cling on dry lip patches because it contains amino acid derivative, wild mango butter, water lily and orchid flower extracts which nourishes and soften the lip surface. (GET HERE)

From left: Singular Red, Bold Coral
From left: Bold Coral, Singular Red


Lastly from their range the Charisma lip gloss which is enriched with softening and smoothing Aleurites Molucanna seed oil (kendi oil); does not feel sticky at all, which i hate about glosses. 

The shine of the glosses are so beautiful and breathtaking, my lips feels so luscious and gives an illusion for fuller lips when applied, what i also love about it hides my crazy lip lines, i peel my lips religiously its a bad habit i know but the charisma gloss does the job, it has a unique spherical pearl reflects light that hides lip lines and furrows. (GET HERE)

From Left: Copper Rose, Aurora
From left: Copper Rose, Aurora

I hope you enjoyed this review, they are also having 25% Off Storewide with free shipping when you spend over $50 so I do recommend checking them...Til Next time xx

Disclaimer*: Products was kindly sent to me. However,  everything shared on this blog are my own thoughts and my honest opinion and was not asked to blog about it.


Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Trefiels new formulated range is taking face masks to a new level in the beauty industry, not only their lace sheet masks makes you feel luxurious it is also a plant based anti-aging hydromask containing soothing ingredients, free from radicals and UV Radiation. Hence, gives an extra boost of hydration while targeting problematic areas to attain a healthy radiant skin.

The Plant based anti-aging Sheet masks derives in four new different formulas to target each skin concerns: Moisturizing, Brightening, Repairing, and firming (GET HERE).

I am so glad Trefiel sent me the repairing mask; so keen to try as I have sensitive skin battling with redness, blemishes, and fine lines. This Repairing mask has soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and witch hazel extracts to help repair damage skin and reduce redness.

I firstly cleansed my skin very well and let it dry, kept my eye makeup and lips untouched I will get to that part later on. Then ripped open the pack and took out the gorgeous lace sheet mask gently peeling off the film attached; it was quite slippery and messy at first from the gel but managed to put on. I only used the upper sheet mask as it comes with a bottom one also but I want to mainly focus on the areas I have concerns and use the bottom when needed.

Yes 1000 selfies was taken “the reason I left the eye makeup and lipstick” I blame the lace face mask haha! 

Anyhow, the minute I applied the sheet mask I felt a cold breeze freshness feel it’s so soothing, and having sensitive skin I did not feel any irritation at all unlike other masks I used, they either irritate me or break me out.

Leaving it for 35 minutes full of selfies I then peeled of the sheet mask. I saw a difference, my blemishes has reduced, the redness on my forehead has faded due to long-standing sunburn, my fine lines feels plumped and skin tightened I'm so happy my skin is becoming more even. That’s only one use, i regret not taking a before and after but its true.

Honestly so impressed by Trefiel, and thankful to be part of the self-care movement. That’s the reason why I wanted to blog about Trefiel sheet mask and share it with you because I did see accurate results and now I am eager to try their firming and brightening sheet masks. 

Not only they are affordable which retail $9.95 they also work, besides that comes in New you pack to try all four formulas or Five & Ten Mask Pamper packs (GET HERE) to even save more $$. 

To Learn More about Trefiel visit this link

Disclaimer*: Product was kindly sent to me. However,  everything shared on this blog are my own thoughts and my honest opinion.


Monday, 24 October 2016


Are you as lazy as I am when it comes to booking a beauty/salon appointment? The trouble of calling if they take so long to answer, or can't hear you…etc. Well welcome to my world this is me.

I was introduced to VaniDay and it made my life a lot easier, a platform booking service app for beauty and wellness salons near your location or area sought after such as beauty, salons, spa, hair, nails and many more for both women and men. 
You can either download the app on your smartphone available for both (IPhone, Android) or book directly through the website but I find using my phone is much easier which I will go through the steps on how to book below.

Once the app is downloaded enable your location for more accurate results, then on the search bar type what you need SPA for example. It listed all Spa places with rates/reviews which makes the decision easier, I went for Varda Spa. 
Lastly, book your choice of treatment "I booked for tranquil body rice exfoliation" with three easy steps:
  1. Select the date and time
  2. Sign up either through Facebook or fill your personal details.
  3. Type your bank payment details. *It’s truly safe and had no issue. 
Also, Don't forget to use a coupon code which i have for my lovely followers! see at the end of the topic ;) your welcome. 

Voila!! Booking is now confirmed, relax and sit back because you will receive on your phone a pop up reminder notification about your appointment. they know us too well !!


The service was great, and staffs were so friendly. Kindly directing me to a private room serving a warm cup of tea, Then heading for the massage bed, the dimmed light room was so relaxing. 

She was Scrubbing in a massage motion using rice beads capuacu butter and essential oils of passion flower, sweet almonds, patchoui,ginger and cedar wood and oh boy it felt soooo ahmazinngg.

Once done, I was taken to the shower room to remove excess off my body. And let me tell you My skin was ridiculously silky smooth like melted butter.

Overall, I am loving Vaniday my new tool for booking beauty appointments, also keep an eye on promotions and discounts. I totally recommend checking them out, and Thanks to VaniDay i have a coupon code for you " ZENAKHATIB "  $15 discount with minimum spend of $30. First booking only. Expiry date 31/10/2016 so hurry while it lasts! 

To learn more about Vaniday click the link below for 
Sydney and Melbourne


Disclaimer*: Coupon Code was kindly gifted to me to review this amazing experience. However,  everything shared on this blog are my own thoughts and my honest opinion.


Friday, 7 October 2016

Nur Besten Makeup Haul

Sweet Pink Goodbye Miss Panda Eyeliner
How cute is the Panda head! I love the sharpness of the felt tip, i did a small testing for thickness and it glided smoothly resulting 4 different lines from thin to thick which is versatile if you want a specific eye look (check below pictures).

I am not a fan of waterproof makeup unless when it comes to Eyeliners we don't want raccoon eyes. It says on the packaging its waterproof/sweet proof, and dries in 5 Sec. I tried rubbing it dry and while under water surprisingly didn't budge or move (To Get HERE).


Three Color Blush by Nanda #S04
You can never have enough blushes!! Comes in three shades Light peachy, Light Muted Pink and a darker pink; the texture has a chalky feel and applies sheen. Gives a flushed color on your cheeks, subtle and not overpowering, I love how it’s not over glittery! (To Get HERE)


Left Swatched Together, Right Separated.
24 Clear Acrylic Cosmetics Display Holder
I am a sucker for pretty displays when it comes to makeup, I must admit I am a messy person, my makeup is always all over the place, no matter how many times I organize it either a flatlay wants to give birth or something comes up and BAMM!!! Makeup everywhere!!! But thanks for who ever invented acrylic holders it really helped my makeup become smarter and prettier “Temporary “ lol my inner voice (To Get HERE).

Novo Seduce Vivid Colour #01
An air cushioned lipstick with sleek gold packaging and a twist opening such a gorgeous colour. When applied it gave a smooth matte application, a bit drying but I guess I forgot to moisturize, and long lasting. However, the most random lip product I have ever observed inside the lid is a creamy solid lip product so once the lid is bolted more product dispenses on the sponge applicator for the next application. (To Get HERE)


5 Multi functional Makeup Brush Set
I was quite skeptical about these brushes when I first saw them but surprisingly the brushes are so soft you can't feel a scratch, it holds the eye shadow pretty well and blends with ease. The material of the brushes comes in goat hair and synthetic fibre (To Get HERE)

Tapered Brush, Round Brush, Flat Brush, Angled Brush, Powder Brush

A discount Code for My lovely followers: Works on full price items plus Free shipping included! Enjoy, they provide cool stuff.

Til next time my loves,


Disclaimer*: Products were kindly sent to me to review. However,  everything shared on this blog are my own thoughts and my honest opinion.


Thursday, 11 August 2016


Hello beauties I know I haven’t been posting much on both my blog and Instagram, and I’m so sorry for not being as active as I used to be but I finally passed the Storm.

Nevertheless, the continuous raves flooding over my Instagram feed i have finally got my hands on ABH glow kit in moon child, they are Metallic powder highlighters to give you an intense luminosity!! Yassss bring it on luminous, I am all about the glow. Thus let’s jump right into the packaging, swatches and my honest review.


I am obsessed with the packaging, it has a holographic rainbow-like, and every time I gaze at it all I think of dipping myself in Rainbows and Unicorns!! It’s has a magnetic finish which I like and travel friendly, I just wish it had a mirror.



Purple Horseshoe: Bright pinky Lavender iridescent effect with silver sparkles.
Star: Light silver, more sheen and less sparkly
Blue Ice: white frost with blue iridescent and pink sparkles.

Blue Moon: Silvery blueish metallic sheen with pink sparkles
Lucky Clover: green-yellow gold metallic sheen with yellow sparkles 
Pink Heart: Pinky Violet metallic sheen with silver sparkles 

I noticed some of the shades shifts differently like a duo-chrome effect which what makes it unique, Also all the shades i have mentioned are my personal thoughts when swatched, so you may see it differently but that is how i visioned it.

I did notice some shades had more a powdery feel than buttery which i honestly didn't like maybe from the intense sparkle, but it’s buildable. Has a both warm and cool tone to compliment both skin tones. It’s also safely to use on eyes as Anastasia pointed out.

A trick i learnt if you haven't known about it is spray Fix+ all over you face, let it semi dry then apply the highlighter on your cheekbones (i used ABH BRUSH #23) and watch the glow blind your mind!!

I must say it’s worth having in your collection, the shades are life so much prettier and glowy in person, no matter how hard i try to take the perfect shot it will still not capture its beautiness. You can only purchase the ABH Moon Child glow kit from their Official store which retails $40 USD, however i was charged $78.63 AUD Total with shipping and transaction fee.

Note: for my Australian and international followers please use your MasterCard, PayPal won't work it will give you an error and If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!!

Thank you and til next time



Sunday, 7 August 2016


Hello lovelies finally swatches and review are up, I Struggled a while to post it earlier yet my phone decides to delete my camera roll with no reason SIGH!! Goodbye memories and hard work beauty shots. 

Anyhow, a while ago i was browsing through Ulta to check for any new beauty related updates and I randomly saw NYX face and body glitter, it caught my attention as i am a sucker to sparkly things, though my only problem Ulta doesn’t ship here neither land down under stock it. 

We are always behind when it comes to beauty products it’s a pain!! But thanks to ShopandBox and Anne for making it possible. As some might not know Shopandbox is a website when you assign for a personal shopper to shop for you in selected countries specially hard to reach items, I lost count on purchases using their service so i do recommend checking them out.

Now let’s keep it short and jump right into the swatches below.

Left to Right | Gunmetal, Crystal, Blue, Rose

I used TooFaced shadow insurance glitter glue to swatch them and Let me tell you they swatch so gorgeously, the glitter has a finely milled texture that won’t irritate your skin, not chunky at all and colors are so beautiful, my most favorite out of the four glitters are Rose and Blue; I honestly think it has the same texture of a high end glitter the only difference it has a brand name stamped on it. I do recommend them as they are also affordable; Ulta is still having their promotion buy one get second half price!! I love bargains so hurry and save.

UPDATE  To my Aussie Followers Asos finally stocks NYX face and body glitters if your interested :) linked attached below. 

Retail Price | $5.99 USD \ $12 AUD

Where to Purchase

If you have any questions please ask, til next time xx

Monday, 9 May 2016


Wow, its been a while since i last posted. Hope you all doing great, today i will be reviewing on the Too Faced glitter glue with MAC cosmetics pigments and glitters to test how good it is, i actually had fun doing it. 

Before we go into details i noticed they have changed the packaging which i even favor more than the older version i have, (link attached Too Faced), Too Faced always comes up with the cutest packaging.

So Lets get started, it is said on their website a full coverage insurance policy against fallout from glitter, shimmer, and metallic shadows. It locks everything in and enhance their reflective quality. What do you think? hmmm!!

Well that is why i will demonstrate my experiment through a short video on INSTAGRAM make sure to click this link to watch and then we can decide if its as promising as they said. Warning! You will witness some messy glitter out of the glue premises.

RESULTS: I am honestly impressed, as seen it locked down the glitter and pigment pretty well, gave a beautiful reflective, vibrant, did not cause any fallout and long lasting; I would definite recommend it. Comment below whats your thoughts? Any recommendations?

PRICE| $20 USD, $33 AUD 


US & Internationals


Till next time, 


Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Does the name Mario Dedivanovic sound familiar to you? 
The famous Kim Kardashian’s Celebrity Makeup Artist who also worked on so many gorgeous celebs: Natasha Bedingfield, Elisa Dushku, Amanda Bynes, Lil Kim, Michelle Williams, Adrienne Bailon, and among others.

Mario has been my idol for years, His story and passion inspired me to become a makeup artist myself, to me he is the Wizard of makeup creating such polished flawless faces, every girl’s fantasy.

Importantly, two days ago Mario shared some of his Sephora favorites on Snapchat (makeupbymario), so I screenshot the products for you in case you missed out, I have a feeling he has received crazy screenshots notifications …Guilty!

 Before i start he did not mentioned Christian Dior foundation to be his favorite as he hasn't tried them yet, but he said he heard its very good and has some home he will try. 

He said he has been using these lately, it’s very nice and sheer not too heavy, he recommends it. I honestly never tried anything from hourglass i guess i should invest and try them. 

Mario loves the Bobbi brown skin stick foundation he said its the bomb, I have seen he used it on Kim kardashian on one of his masterclass online.

You may all know Mario is the Master of mixing lipsticks; He said Nars satin and velvet matte lip pencils definite some of his favorites.

"The pigment is nice and shimmery, also great colors" He Said.

"The best brow pencils ever" Mario Said, he still uses the brow wiz but he loves the brow definer more, his favorite. I am obsessed already i totes agree on this one!

"Mario recommends this mineral loose foundation best for those who have rosacea skin". I should definite note that when i have a client with rosacea skin.

"Its very silky and buttery" Mario said. 

He said he loves the formula, lasts very long and pretty colors. I totally agree they are amazing!


| Mario Dedivanovic's Social Media |

Hope you enjoyed reading, til next time. 

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