Monday, 18 January 2016


Hiiii beauties, So Last years trend was all about the crazy contouring but the new year 2016 is all about the radiance glow & luminosity, let the shine begin. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills released Two Glow kits in Gleam and That GlowThese kits has been recently launched and by looking at it i had to get my hands on, its all over social media.

I purchased Gleam kit because my friend had That glow kit and its more warm tone with yellow golds, i have fair/light skin and it looked more bronzed on my skin instead of highlight.

So lets get into details, i will talk about the packaging, swatches, comparison.


Yasss looks so pretty in person, the image doesn't do its justice, i love how sparkly it is, its also travel friendly and has magnetic finish. Another plus its a refill pan so when you run out, you can replace it. However the only downside i wish it had a mirror inside.


peachy pink with metallic pink sparkles, looks also great as blush

gold bronze with gold Sparkles

Baby Pink with light beige/gold Sparkles

My favorite, has pearly iridescent, beige with light gold sparkles

Note: The swatches on my fingers shows its true shades when swatched, i didn't play with the colors, however the second swatch with shades zoomed in may look slight different because they are very up close, but shows their true color. 

I love the pigmentation and its buildable to your desire, also has a buttery feel and what i like about it the glitter isnt chunky feels smooth and blends lovely on skin. I also love mixing them together gives and extra glow and unique shade. you can also use it on your eye lids, inner corner of the eye, brow bone as it has been mentioned behind the packaging.

Two kits are suitable for Different skin tones from cool to warm, i fairly prefer glow kit in Gleam for fair/Light/medium skin or cool tone, as it will accentuate the glow instead of bronzer look, and If your medium/dark i utterly recommend That glow kit which has a warm golden tone and will definite complement your skin. 

Just to note this is my own preference and knowledge after swatching both kits. i did few swatches and compared them both, I want to make your decision easier to which you want without regret. But you can choose any glow kit you like I am inlove with it I totes recommend you getting it xx

You all may ask why i did not use my friends that glow kit to swatch? because i am not going to swatch something its not mine if that makes sense!! i might ruin her pretty palette with the intense rubbing lol.

I will link That Glow kit if your curious to see swatches by

An Ideal Brush to use?

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tapered brush #23 

This baby does a remarkable job applying illuminators/highlighters, the bristles are so soft picks the product superbly, and for more intensity i use Fix+.
Retail Price | $25 USD 

Where to buy?

US & International 
Retail Prices $40 USD 


When processing payment through Anastasia Beverly Hills Website, Please Select Visa/MasterCard for a successful payment, Do not select Paypal as it will give you a note saying "Sorry, but the merchant only ships within the United State" as it happened with me but i figured it out, just a heads up!!


Last thing to mention out of topic, I don't mean to brag in any way but i am just thrilled and over the moon, taking photos as a beauty blogger is like a full time job lol, I can't believe Anastasia Beverly Hills who i also want to congratulate on recently hitting 8M, featured my Images on instagram twice YASSS. It might not seem biggie to you but it just made my day.

I hope you enjoyed this review

Til next time lovelies


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