Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Trefiels new formulated range is taking face masks to a new level in the beauty industry, not only their lace sheet masks makes you feel luxurious it is also a plant based anti-aging hydromask containing soothing ingredients, free from radicals and UV Radiation. Hence, gives an extra boost of hydration while targeting problematic areas to attain a healthy radiant skin.

The Plant based anti-aging Sheet masks derives in four new different formulas to target each skin concerns: Moisturizing, Brightening, Repairing, and firming (GET HERE).

I am so glad Trefiel sent me the repairing mask; so keen to try as I have sensitive skin battling with redness, blemishes, and fine lines. This Repairing mask has soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and witch hazel extracts to help repair damage skin and reduce redness.

I firstly cleansed my skin very well and let it dry, kept my eye makeup and lips untouched I will get to that part later on. Then ripped open the pack and took out the gorgeous lace sheet mask gently peeling off the film attached; it was quite slippery and messy at first from the gel but managed to put on. I only used the upper sheet mask as it comes with a bottom one also but I want to mainly focus on the areas I have concerns and use the bottom when needed.

Yes 1000 selfies was taken “the reason I left the eye makeup and lipstick” I blame the lace face mask haha! 

Anyhow, the minute I applied the sheet mask I felt a cold breeze freshness feel it’s so soothing, and having sensitive skin I did not feel any irritation at all unlike other masks I used, they either irritate me or break me out.

Leaving it for 35 minutes full of selfies I then peeled of the sheet mask. I saw a difference, my blemishes has reduced, the redness on my forehead has faded due to long-standing sunburn, my fine lines feels plumped and skin tightened I'm so happy my skin is becoming more even. That’s only one use, i regret not taking a before and after but its true.

Honestly so impressed by Trefiel, and thankful to be part of the self-care movement. That’s the reason why I wanted to blog about Trefiel sheet mask and share it with you because I did see accurate results and now I am eager to try their firming and brightening sheet masks. 

Not only they are affordable which retail $9.95 they also work, besides that comes in New you pack to try all four formulas or Five & Ten Mask Pamper packs (GET HERE) to even save more $$. 

To Learn More about Trefiel visit this link

Disclaimer*: Product was kindly sent to me. However,  everything shared on this blog are my own thoughts and my honest opinion.


Monday, 24 October 2016


Are you as lazy as I am when it comes to booking a beauty/salon appointment? The trouble of calling if they take so long to answer, or can't hear you…etc. Well welcome to my world this is me.

I was introduced to VaniDay and it made my life a lot easier, a platform booking service app for beauty and wellness salons near your location or area sought after such as beauty, salons, spa, hair, nails and many more for both women and men. 
You can either download the app on your smartphone available for both (IPhone, Android) or book directly through the website but I find using my phone is much easier which I will go through the steps on how to book below.

Once the app is downloaded enable your location for more accurate results, then on the search bar type what you need SPA for example. It listed all Spa places with rates/reviews which makes the decision easier, I went for Varda Spa. 
Lastly, book your choice of treatment "I booked for tranquil body rice exfoliation" with three easy steps:
  1. Select the date and time
  2. Sign up either through Facebook or fill your personal details.
  3. Type your bank payment details. *It’s truly safe and had no issue. 
Also, Don't forget to use a coupon code which i have for my lovely followers! see at the end of the topic ;) your welcome. 

Voila!! Booking is now confirmed, relax and sit back because you will receive on your phone a pop up reminder notification about your appointment. they know us too well !!


The service was great, and staffs were so friendly. Kindly directing me to a private room serving a warm cup of tea, Then heading for the massage bed, the dimmed light room was so relaxing. 

She was Scrubbing in a massage motion using rice beads capuacu butter and essential oils of passion flower, sweet almonds, patchoui,ginger and cedar wood and oh boy it felt soooo ahmazinngg.

Once done, I was taken to the shower room to remove excess off my body. And let me tell you My skin was ridiculously silky smooth like melted butter.

Overall, I am loving Vaniday my new tool for booking beauty appointments, also keep an eye on promotions and discounts. I totally recommend checking them out, and Thanks to VaniDay i have a coupon code for you " ZENAKHATIB "  $15 discount with minimum spend of $30. First booking only. Expiry date 31/10/2016 so hurry while it lasts! 

To learn more about Vaniday click the link below for 
Sydney and Melbourne


Disclaimer*: Coupon Code was kindly gifted to me to review this amazing experience. However,  everything shared on this blog are my own thoughts and my honest opinion.


Friday, 7 October 2016

Nur Besten Makeup Haul

Sweet Pink Goodbye Miss Panda Eyeliner
How cute is the Panda head! I love the sharpness of the felt tip, i did a small testing for thickness and it glided smoothly resulting 4 different lines from thin to thick which is versatile if you want a specific eye look (check below pictures).

I am not a fan of waterproof makeup unless when it comes to Eyeliners we don't want raccoon eyes. It says on the packaging its waterproof/sweet proof, and dries in 5 Sec. I tried rubbing it dry and while under water surprisingly didn't budge or move (To Get HERE).


Three Color Blush by Nanda #S04
You can never have enough blushes!! Comes in three shades Light peachy, Light Muted Pink and a darker pink; the texture has a chalky feel and applies sheen. Gives a flushed color on your cheeks, subtle and not overpowering, I love how it’s not over glittery! (To Get HERE)


Left Swatched Together, Right Separated.
24 Clear Acrylic Cosmetics Display Holder
I am a sucker for pretty displays when it comes to makeup, I must admit I am a messy person, my makeup is always all over the place, no matter how many times I organize it either a flatlay wants to give birth or something comes up and BAMM!!! Makeup everywhere!!! But thanks for who ever invented acrylic holders it really helped my makeup become smarter and prettier “Temporary “ lol my inner voice (To Get HERE).

Novo Seduce Vivid Colour #01
An air cushioned lipstick with sleek gold packaging and a twist opening such a gorgeous colour. When applied it gave a smooth matte application, a bit drying but I guess I forgot to moisturize, and long lasting. However, the most random lip product I have ever observed inside the lid is a creamy solid lip product so once the lid is bolted more product dispenses on the sponge applicator for the next application. (To Get HERE)


5 Multi functional Makeup Brush Set
I was quite skeptical about these brushes when I first saw them but surprisingly the brushes are so soft you can't feel a scratch, it holds the eye shadow pretty well and blends with ease. The material of the brushes comes in goat hair and synthetic fibre (To Get HERE)

Tapered Brush, Round Brush, Flat Brush, Angled Brush, Powder Brush

A discount Code for My lovely followers: Works on full price items plus Free shipping included! Enjoy, they provide cool stuff.

Til next time my loves,


Disclaimer*: Products were kindly sent to me to review. However,  everything shared on this blog are my own thoughts and my honest opinion.

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