Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Trefiels new formulated range is taking face masks to a new level in the beauty industry, not only their lace sheet masks makes you feel luxurious it is also a plant based anti-aging hydromask containing soothing ingredients, free from radicals and UV Radiation. Hence, gives an extra boost of hydration while targeting problematic areas to attain a healthy radiant skin.

The Plant based anti-aging Sheet masks derives in four new different formulas to target each skin concerns: Moisturizing, Brightening, Repairing, and firming (GET HERE).

I am so glad Trefiel sent me the repairing mask; so keen to try as I have sensitive skin battling with redness, blemishes, and fine lines. This Repairing mask has soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and witch hazel extracts to help repair damage skin and reduce redness.

I firstly cleansed my skin very well and let it dry, kept my eye makeup and lips untouched I will get to that part later on. Then ripped open the pack and took out the gorgeous lace sheet mask gently peeling off the film attached; it was quite slippery and messy at first from the gel but managed to put on. I only used the upper sheet mask as it comes with a bottom one also but I want to mainly focus on the areas I have concerns and use the bottom when needed.

Yes 1000 selfies was taken “the reason I left the eye makeup and lipstick” I blame the lace face mask haha! 

Anyhow, the minute I applied the sheet mask I felt a cold breeze freshness feel it’s so soothing, and having sensitive skin I did not feel any irritation at all unlike other masks I used, they either irritate me or break me out.

Leaving it for 35 minutes full of selfies I then peeled of the sheet mask. I saw a difference, my blemishes has reduced, the redness on my forehead has faded due to long-standing sunburn, my fine lines feels plumped and skin tightened I'm so happy my skin is becoming more even. That’s only one use, i regret not taking a before and after but its true.

Honestly so impressed by Trefiel, and thankful to be part of the self-care movement. That’s the reason why I wanted to blog about Trefiel sheet mask and share it with you because I did see accurate results and now I am eager to try their firming and brightening sheet masks. 

Not only they are affordable which retail $9.95 they also work, besides that comes in New you pack to try all four formulas or Five & Ten Mask Pamper packs (GET HERE) to even save more $$. 

To Learn More about Trefiel visit this link

Disclaimer*: Product was kindly sent to me. However,  everything shared on this blog are my own thoughts and my honest opinion.

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